Adaptive Challenge Mastermind Group

A Mastermind Group is a group of individuals who meet on a regular basis to share their experiences and ideas and create accountability to support mutual growth and development.  Meetings are held in person, and typically each participant is given time to check in and share a specific issue or challenge witih the group.  The power of the group is focused on each individual, at some point during the meeting, and therein lies the power.

In the Adaptive Challenge Mastermind Group, we focus on those problems or issues for which there are no clear solutions.  Adaptive challenges are different from technical problems, which are easy to recognize, and you either know how to solve them or can access the experience to make progress.  However, adaptive challenges are not easily defined and require learning to understand what's going on.  The solutions also require learning to develop new tools, methodologies and practices.  The technical issues need to be solved and taken care of.  But, it's the adaptive challenges that threaten success.

The reality is that we are all "blind" to certain things about ourselves - including our unique strengths.  Masterminding helps to eliminate your blind spots so you can make progress on your most important goals.  Smart, like-minded colleagues whom you trust are the best to help us, and that's precisely why these groups are conducted.

Each meeting will be facilitated by Rich Geib, MPOD, CFSP.  Adaptive Challenge Mastermind Groups will be formed regionally, where small groups of 6 - 8 will come together for a full or half day once per quarter.  A quarterly fee will be charged to cover meeting expenses.