Coaching, Workshops, Group Facilitation

Executive Coaching - for new or existing leaders who want to make a greater impact or get different results from their teams or organization.

- Executive leadership coaching enables leaders to master new attitudes, approaches and behaviors.  We offer a customized, one-on-one developmental experience for the mid-to-senior level executive who is preparing for a greater scope of responsibility or who needs to make a leap forward in leadership capability.

- Integration with one of our leadership development programs or study groups - this coaching option provides program participants the ability to deepen the impact and value of their learning experience and increase the likelihood of making real and sustained behavioral change.  We structure the coaching process to prepare for and build on individual assessment information, specific program reflections, and goal setting.

Team Performance - build the individual skills and the collective capacity to learn and work together to maximize performance.

- The more interdependent the group, the more complex the work, and the more diverse the group's goals, the more attention must be paid to how the team functions.

- We customize programs, workshops, special events and speaking engagements for teams on key topics, such as collaboration and interdependence.

Leadership Development - match up the right learning at the right time for each leader - whether an individual contributor, first time manager, or senior executive - to build the most critical skills needed for success at any level.

- We target the real world challenges unique to each level of leadership, by customizing the initiatives, coaching, and assessments, to steer learning, fuel sustained success, and prepare leaders for what's next.

- Learning to lead is an intensely personal experience, and one that shifts over time.  We specifically tailor our programs and services to individual needs.

Study Group Facilitation - foster a learning community to explore the world of leadership development and find resources about specific topics.

- Group coaching links professionals together to make their work more effective, including peers with a common interest or people from different organizations who want to collaborate to increase effectiveness.

- Group and coach develop a clear agreement on the desired outcomes for the study group, intended to share lessons learned, best practices, and create efficiencies through shared knowledge.

- The Women Leaders group provides the information and tools individuals need to move towards a more productive and sustainable way of managing boundaries between work and family, special mentoring, and finding your voice.

- The Generational Conversations group explores family patterns iin business and its affect on organizational culture, generational communications, diversity, and manager vs. leader roles and responsibilities.

Whole System Inquiry Processes - use innovative strengths-based methods of inquiry and interaction to engage the collaborative intelligence of groups to creatively meet real-life challenges.

- Strengthen your leadership capability to enable your organization to achieve strategic vision.  Using large scale or whole systems methods of inquiry enables the creative inquiry required to implement strategies that call for changes in the direction or capabilities of the organization.

- Co-inquiry and co-creation - while we draw on all our capabilities, we don't have all the answers.  Evolving better solutions for complicated, interlocking problems won't come from exisint ideeas or a single expert view, but through collective engagement and action.

Personal Growth Workshops and Retreats - for emerging leaders and professional women who want to create inspiring life plans, learn how to break through behaviors that are holding them back and take powerful actions to achieve life or career goals.

MOVING IN: Develop your leadership presence from the inside out through skill building and the art and practice of authentic leadership.

MOVING UP: Understand your leadership strengths and developmental needs, and discover your full capacity for leadership.

MOVING ON: Bring forward the best in yourself – and others.