Career Assessment

Reflecting on your career

At Geib & Associates we believe that the only way to grow business, be it large or small, is to grow the quality of the team. The growth must be both at a personal level as well as a skill based level. We view 3 opportune times in which to do this work:

(1) when coming into the business,
(2) when moving up in the organizational structure, and
(3) when considering the possibility of moving on in career development.

If you think you might benefit from career development work, use this quiz to determine if it’s time to talk.

Welcome to your Career Assessment

My career has purpose and meaning to me.
I feel supported by my coworkers.
I am truly engaged and interested in my career.
I actively contribute to the happiness and well-being of my team.
I am capable of handling changes coming in my career.
I feel fulfilled by my present career.
I am optimistic about the future of my career.
My team respects me.

Scoring: Tally the numbers for items 1–8. See where you fall in the following ranges:

If your score is between 8 and 28: “Cancel your vacation if you even feel you can get away, and give us a call.”

If your score is between 29 and 43: “It’s time to take a good look at yourself and your team.”

If your score is between 44 and 56: “It can’t hurt to talk.”

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